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I see dead people!


It’s not just you Luca, Mimi and Finn.

We all see them. We are after all in a crypt.

Following a hot tip from the Clothesline , we decided to go St Michan’s. Again.

The last time we arrived too late and had to entertain the kids with the North Inner City  Junkie Walk, with other mummies, but the walking type (barely), and wrapped in 100% polyester Adidas bandages.


This time I researched the opening times a bit better, and after a short wait in the world’s coldest church,  where along with about 10 other people we pretended to have a faint interest in the stain glass when all we really wanted to see was… THE CRYPT WITH THE MUMMIES, we were taken to the entrance to the underworld by our highly entertaining and very theatrical Cerberus.


The kids loved it.



Well… Most of the kids.

The atmosphere of the crypts was a just a little too much for Finn. Poor little guy. We are bad parents. Bad, bad parents.





But then again, I was taken to the ossuary in Douaumont when I was about the same age, and see what balanced, well-rounded individual I became…


Forget about Little House on the Prairie. Welcome to Little Council House in the Cemetery.



Working the graveyard shift in the office





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