… imagine that. While I was slaving away in the Mistake Factory, some young (or not so young) ones were having a laugh sniffing the aul butane straight from the can.

I wonder if I’ll have the strength of character tomorrow to head back to the Mistake Factory, when 300 yards away from it there is a sniff party in progress.
Actually I did a fair bit of sniffing myself today.
Yep, I sniffed back the tears for 8 long hours (plus some, unbilled for)

That’s gas

a splash of colour... quite literally, activity park with a potato crisp theme, are Happy Meals really laced with cocaine?, art, cretins, dublin, dun laoghaire, essential parenting implements, homemade festival in one's back garden, ireland, mondays smell of dead pigeons, street photography

Now, that’s gas…


2 thoughts on “Now, that’s gas…

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