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On the tear


Unlike the hysterically happy beardy guy who was only too glad to promote the delights of beer guzzling at 9.30 AM as I was walking in to work this morning, Mr. Jean-Claude Decaux is not a happy camper.

First, he had to design posters on some sort of plastic film, to withstand the typical Irish rainfall extravaganza (the wet-glue/paper ones inevitably ended up in a mulch of, well, paper and glue, heaped underneath a bare metal billboard).

Now he has to go back to his engineers, to design plastic posters that will withstand winds gusting at 3 million miles per hour. Two to three times a week…

It’s a good thing that there is no shortage of cash in the happy-beardy-hoppy-bear industry. `

For those of you not necessarily familiar with the “on the tear” of the title, you will find a rather useful list of Irish idioms and expressions here.

6.15 PM update:

Question: Who’s laughing now?


Answer: That bollix, still.

Just about.


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