Is it really time to take the decorations down already?
And to drag the Christmas tree out? And tie it to the roof of the car?

Non-shed they said.

Non-shed my needly arse.

I think what they meant is that it had not been grown in a shed.

But when it comes to its needles, it’s surely been shedding them like there is no tomorrow.
Which of course there isn’t. A tomorrow. For the tree.
What’s awaiting it is a big shredder, on the county council car park at Salthill.

The tree knows it. It’s shedding its needles in a desperate attempt to cheat death.
So that it can be remembered when parts of it reemerge as far back down the line as next September.

In the meantime Mrs mememe2U is doing a lot of cursing.
But she hasn’t shed any tears.
She is non-shed.

She was not brought up in a shed.

I think.



abandon, art, death, dejection, dublin, durex lex sed lex, funny, humour, ireland, photography

Oh bollix…


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