Just when you thought that Kilbarrack held no more surprises for you…


8.30 AM in the car park of the Foxhound Inn, of all places.
A Chinese lady in her super pink, super shiny silk kimono, doing her Tai Chi exercises.

A place where the habitual physical activities can be summarised as:

–          Lighting cigarette wrist action
–          Talking shite maxillary action
–          Holding fart sphincter action
–          Assessing the local talent ocular action
–          Exhaling smoke of a JP Blue pulmonary action
–          Letting out fart-what’s-the-point-it’s-a-lost-battle sphincter action

Kilbarrack, you never disappoint.

a splash of colour... quite literally, art, astronomy in pyjamas, dublin, funny, homemade festival in one's back garden, humour, ireland, kilbarrack, photography, SEO, street photography

Crouching cider hidden flagon


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