For as long as he could remember, Johnny had been serving his signature dish of ham, sand worms and Brussels sprouts to his admittedly small gathering of family and friends on Christmas day.
Storm Eva or no storm Eva, he was fecked if this year was going to be any different!

May you all have a wonderful Christmas filled with laughter, roaring fire in the chimney, quietly excited children, mulled wine, Christmas carols, delicious food, rejoicing and fine Cognac. 

If not, you will hopefully pick out some palatable crumbs out of the Christmas that everybody has: rampant commercialism, mad rush when you are at your most tired, kids you’d be tempted to stick on eBay once and for all, family disputes, bloated stomachs, lingering man-flu, drunken arguments, dry turkey, shite predictable Christmas tv and dishwashers that decide to give up the ghost at 8 PM on 23 December.  

activity park with a potato crisp theme, art, christ on a bike, dublin, dun laoghaire, foie gras, funny, humour, ireland, killer granny armed with a mini

Heart-worming tradition


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