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(President of the) Banana (Republic)


This boy will go far.
Nerves of steel he has, and a precision weighing scale in the palm of his right hand.
Unlike his dad who caved under the pressure and put in a very poor performance for the last contest of the year.
To spice things up, I had decided that whoever got closest to the price of our two daily bananas would earn the title of Banana Challenge Champion 2015 (something worth highlighting on a CV, a lot more useful than a Sick Sigma belt!)
His guess was EUR0.52, mine EUR0.58 and he won by quite a margin since they were priced EUR0.48 when weighed.
I have caught the Filipino guy from the fruit and veg aisle spying on our daily contest.
He found it amusing at first, but now he is really getting caught in it and I wouldn’t be surprised if he were placing bets on which one of us will win on a given day.
For all I know there may be satellite broadcasts of our Banana Challenge in illegal betting clubs in Manila.

I find it more exciting than cock fighting. There may be others out there that agree with Luca and I.
There has to be others out there that agree with Luca and I.

We may actually have started a lucrative niche market in the world of gambling.


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