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May the smartphone be with you


These two were clearly experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms by the time the end credits rolled, with a background of trumpetty triumphant Star Warzy theme song.

Spoiler alert! Do not read below if you do not want the many surprises of the latest Star Wars to be ruined for you! 

Ok… you asked for it…

There is a light saber fight.
Some high speed chasing with loads of wooshy sounds from the tie fighters and the x wings.
With a couple of explosions thrown in.
There are cute droids.
A bit of a love interest (but no sex scenes).
A lot of Chebaka moany groans (but not in sex scenes).
Close ups of eyes that say a lot about determination, and bravery, and tapping into the Force.
Blasters blasting like there is no tomorrow.
Outnumbered rebels in a seemingly desperate situation somehow managing to flip the situation around (thanks to their determination, and bravery, and tapping into the Force, and not wasting precious time on sex scenes).
Oh, and there is the obligatory edge-of-your-seat-totally-unexpected coup de theatre, spot on at the moment when you expect to least expect it.

Oops shite. I may have said too much.
None of you could have expected such feats of invention in a Star Wars movie.

Bad mememe2U. Bad, bad mememe2U!


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