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Shortcut to redemption


Finnzy-Bob had the decency to win a bottle of wine for his dad on the Wheel of Fortune at the school winter fair.

This peace offering has somehow managed to lessen the trauma of yesterday’s house birthday party-cum-ordeal.

There was much merriment at the school Christmas fair.

Mimi had numerous social engagements, and blushed profusely when in the presence of the handsome elf-who-was-also-cast-as-Danny-Zuko-in-the-school-production-of-Grease. Talk about starstruck!

Luca was worryingly having far too much fun with the rest of the Aspi club. I dread to think what the two of them were up to when I had my back turned.

And Finn received the confirmation from Santa himself that his name was on the “good” list. He was delighted. With the socks and his certificate.

So when he won the bottle of Listerine, the fancy hair conditioner and the can of Guinness for his second attempt at the Wheel of Fortune (or Misfortune, if you happen to be a mouth ulcer, prematurely bald or a teetotaler), we suggested that he should give the can to Santa, along with the usual mince pie and the carrot for Rudolph.

He thought that this was an excellent idea. But saw no point in delaying the process, since the Big Man himself was in attendance.

He rushed back to the grotto to give the can to Santa.

And he was beaming when telling us afterwards that Santa had been delighted and upgraded him on the spot to the “even better” list.


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