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Seven at 07:07


And loving it.

On a scale of ten of all-time daft birthday presents, S. and H. next door unanimously voted Finn’s a seventy-two.

For the last few years now, the kids have been treating Finn’s birthday as a dress(ing gown) rehearsal for Christmas. 
They made a first attempt at exiting their bedroom at 06:15 and were intimated to head back to bed in no uncertain terms. 

When we finally let them come downstairs at 06:45 and Finn discovered the three packets of wipes amid the balloons on the big table, his expression was one of disbelief tinged with a deep sadness. 
Which kind of lifted when we told him to head upstairs to the attic, for his real present was too big to fit on the table. 
By the time we lifted the sheet that covered the drum kit, he was literally beaming.

Long may his enthusiasm last.

Although S. and H. would beg to differ. 


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