‘Anto, the deal is off.
I repeat, the deal is off.
Turn back.
I have been spotted, the deal is off.’

Jim “Top Gear” Doyle decided there and then that deviating from the standard Nike-runners/Superdry hoodie uniform to peddle class A narcotics had been a major faux-pas. 
One should not try to stand out from the crowd and opt for 60s espionage chic when trying to flog some skag cut with generous lashings of baking powder.

On reflection, given the location (opposite the Office of the Taoiseach), the shady character is more likely to be a politician than Damo-with-the-skag.

In other words a real criminal, not a petty one.

are Happy Meals really laced with cocaine?, art, dublin, ireland, killer granny armed with a mini, monochrome, photography, street photography



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