Philippe (not his real name*) has taken to eating his dinner in the office.

The place is so effervescent at lunch time that he wants to recapture the buzz after a long day of hunting and crushing bugs.

This is his third day on the discounted fish fingers (40% off on Monday, Tesco Dun Laoghaire, unmissable).

His stock of chocolate Weetabix has sunk to a dangerously low level.
They were half price for a short while at the beginning of September. He bought 18 boxes.

We, the Gallic bargain hunters, are total suckers for a discount.

The day the local new age clinic does a 50% flash sale on the colonic irrigations, I’ll have to fight him out of the way to get to the counter first…

* Oops shite, it is his real name, too late to change that I guess.

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