Yesterday’s hiatus could only be a glitch in the great scheme of things.
All was reassuringly back to normal today.

– Emails that start and end with exclamation marks- check
– Emails that start with !!!! IMPORTANT!!! READ FIRST – check
– Deadlines set for yesterday morning – check
– Tactical CCing of someone higher up in the food chain – check
– Tactical removing of a Tuna Class manager from the CC line in an email – check
– Back-stabbing – check
– Begging – check
– Moronic queries – check
– Low-hanging fruits – check
– Front-stabbing – check
– Comical expectations – check
– Incompetence buried underneath a 0.0001 mm layer of buzzwords – check
– Side-stabbing – check
– 122 minute video call – check (I counted each and everyone of them)
– Reporting on an emergency rather than tackling an emergency – check
– Roping in more steak holders – check
– Keeping them in the loop – check
– SaaSy conversations – check
– Deep-diving – check
– Shit-creek exploration – check
– With a paddle? – oops, bollix…


art, funny, humour, ireland, photography

Restore (mistake) factory settings


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