I was the other day telling the kids about my recent Sick Sigma black belt in Nuance.
I tried to explain in simple words how the the strongest message is not the one delivered with the most decibels, but the one quietly spoken in carefully chosen words, with a glint of truth and a thin glaze of unshakable belief.

I sang the praise of my lifelong obsession for the understated.
My preference for the subtle bon mot over the predictable double entendre.

They repeated after me over and over “subtlety is key”.
Over and over “subtlety is key”.

They readily understood the temporary, if not ephemeral, nature of the flamboyant.
Learned to side with the prudent rather than the ardent, the feng shui rather than the abundant.

They were ready for the ultimate test: the choosing of the dwelling that best encapsulated the Spirit of Halloween.

They passed with flying colours.

dublin, dun laoghaire, essential parenting implements, funny, humour, ireland, parenting

Lesson in moderation


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