Jim may have been outflanked in the bidding war that saw him lose the accordion in almost mint condition (it went to that Joe Kelly bollix from Glasthule for a whopping EUR17) but he was determined to provide a loving new home for the set of samurai swords.

Jim “shogun” O’Hara was ready.
He would spare no expense on the object of his desire.
He was going all in.
The swords had his name on them.

bric a crap, dublin, dun laoghaire, funny, humour, ireland, photography, street photography

O’Hara Kiri


3 thoughts on “O’Hara Kiri

    • Hi Alvaro,
      Thanks for your nomination. I hope that I will not come across as very ungrateful but I have very little time available, and I actually do not spend too much time online. This is why I have from the start not taken part in awards and inspirational blogger accolades. I’m glad you enjoy the photos that I post here. Hopefully you get a laugh out of them from time to time. It’s all about having fun.
      Best regards,

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