Got to see the launch of a surprisingly enjoyable exhibition of David Godbold’s paintings at the Kerlin Gallery last night.

Surprisingly because art rarely makes me smile these days. This one did. There is a need for more serious funny art.

Surprisingly because the atmosphere at launches in prominent galleries can be heavy, contrived and as enjoyable as a tax return form. Not a the Kerlin. Last night I enjoyed walking around a gallery (of the non municipal variety) and checking some quality, cheeky art.

David Godbold boldly laughs at God. The hijacked pages from kids’ old catechism copy books were particularly enjoyable.

Oh, and briefcases are back… The return of the brick mobile phones will be just around the corner then.









art, astronomy in pyjamas, dublin, photography, street photography, vague is the new black

Vernissage comme des images


4 thoughts on “Vernissage comme des images

  1. The onlookers (for the lack of a better word) in your photographies take the center stage. They are as much a part of the whole exhibition as the paintings on the wall. In these pictures, our attention is mostly turned towards the onlooker and their action of watching the art itself. It makes the art on the wall look like “an excuse” for this gathering, when truly it is the “reason” for it. One of the pics show a painting without human presence but still with the trace of it( a bag). The art remains in the background.This is very interesting. Clearly taking the picture of the paintings was not your main preocupation.

    • Indeed Julie, my aim was not to capture the paintings (I wouldn’t really do them justice, they need to be seen “in the flesh”). For that, I provided the link to the official gallery website (I have no connection with them by the way, my blog is my own, there is no editorial agenda, no endorsement, no financial arrangements of any sort).
      I was more interested in capturing “the scene”, the attendees of this vernissage.
      They are a fascinating tribe, the “vernisseurs”… 😉

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