In one sentence: don’t.

The kids get all enthusiastic about it, when you mention this mad idea, and it doesn’t seem all that mad at the time, on a Sunday afternoon in May, after a nice roast, and maybe a few glasses of wine too many, and you know that you won’t have the budget for a sun holiday for five in July, but you still want to give the kids a bit of summer holiday fun, something to remember when they are older, a break from YouCraft and MineTube, and you say “you know what? let’s go camping in Mayo this summer!” and they go “yeah!!!” and it all seems like a good idea.

At the time.


Stage 1: you tell Mimi that we won’t be camping here after all.

She puts on The Face, quite confident that she’ll manage to change your mind.


A lonesome fisherman is examining the poxitude of the weather conditions. He is in two minds about setting up his fishing rod.


Stage 2: Let’s go an take a closer look at the camping conditions.

I’m initial feeling is somewhere between Not Optimistic and As Likely as Donald Trumpet Becoming President.


Stage 3: Mimi has that smile. The one when she’s rather confident she will get her way in the end.


Stage 4: Some more realistic members of the family head back for the car, and a relative state of dryness.


Stage 5: It’s a blow for Mimi. She will not get her way. The weather really is too bad for camping. She turns on the waterworks. As if things were not wet enough already…


Stage 6: Finn is only realising now that we will not be camping here tonight.

He is upset.

Poor little mite.


Stage 7: Mrs mememe2U takes a walk to hide her relief and elation, now that she knows that we will not be camping here tonight.


Stage 8: Finn takes his frustration out on the wet wet cold cold sand.


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Camping in North Mayo


5 thoughts on “Camping in North Mayo

  1. ahahah! I loved it! i had a bad experience camping in Ireland at a festival this summer! the weather was bad and several tents were blown away too. but it is very funny when you look back! 😀

  2. Love it! Family life…always worth the tale. I have a similar image to Mimi’s of me, about 7 or 8 years old, but it involved my parents refusal to let me try horse riding on a family day out (probably due to lack of funds) and my Dad capturing it all on film. Mimi will love you for it later.

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