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Watershed moment (not)


Today was a watershed moment.
For Luca.
Capitalizing on Mrs mememe2us temporary absence (and her heightened level of anxiety), Luca was sent on a solo shopping mission to the local supermarket.

He was entrusted with a EUR20 note and a list of 7 items.
He was instructed to be very careful while crossing the roads.
To be polite at the check-out.
To put the receipt and the change in the little front pocket of the rucksack.

He carried out his mission without a glitch.

He did well.

He did us proud.

Ok, he will be 12 next month, but he lives in a world of his own. He really does.

The Asparagus boy has carved a sizeable notch in the yardstick of progress today.

Finn wanted to tag along with his older brother on the solo shopping mission.

I had to explain to Finn that he was still too young.

And that it wouldn’t be much of a solo shopping session for his brother.

There may have been a stand-off at that stage.

We agreed that he would be allowed to go to Tesco on his own when he is 10.

If only Tesco knew how much longing they can generate in the next generation of consumers…


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