I’ve missed the Dart.
Two whole months without my favourite green and yellow train…

Got on a rather busy carriage this morning that had two full sets of free seats!

I wonder if it had anything to do with the close vicinity of Dwayne, and Gerry, and Big Blue Eyes, who were merrily on their way to the 40 Foot for a splash.

With just the bare essentials with them in a shoulder bag: an old pair of shorts-cum-swimming togs each, a towel, two liter bottles of Smirnoff, two big bottles of 7UP.

Always the giver of unsolicited advice, I sort of hinted at the fact that too much vodka before a dip in the icy Irish Sea may not be exactly conductive to aquatic prowesses.

I wished them good luck, with the diving, and the drinking, and the sunburns.

I’ll email them the shots.
If they ever resurface.



dart, dublin, Dublin Area Rapid Transport... rapid my arse, ireland, photography, street photography, tourism, train, travel

Dwayne and Gerry on Dart TV


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