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And relaaaaaaaaaax


My ten day break started at 18:43 on the dot.
And it shall last until Monday 13 July 10:00 AM on the dot.
And I shall not read a single work-related email until then.
This work-obsession thing… I can give it up any time I want.

And to get the holiday started on a high note, I cycled “into town” at 10 PM, walked the pier, and then treated myself to a brace of Baltikas.

And it totally felt like a holiday.

There must be a reason why big fokoff cruise ships moor in Dung Leering.

Party on dudes!


3 thoughts on “And relaaaaaaaaaax

  1. scarlettmorrison10 says:

    I’m just starting work again so I’m envious! But looks like a gorgeous view and a great brew so enjoy 🙂

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