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From the 17th century to 17 minutes ago


That’s pretty much how Michael describes his eclectic collection.

It’s good to see a new space in Dun Laoghaire that is not another EUR2 shop (we dearly miss the good old days of the EUR1 shops…) or a third Starbucks concession.

He rapidly sussed that I was not exactly into assembling a modern art collection, not through lack of interest, but due to futilities like bills, rents spiralling out of control or increased taxation on wine.

He was nonetheless happy to walk me around his collection.

We had a very entertaining 15 minute chat (well it was for me, he may have felt his eyes water with unfathomable boredom but was particularly gifted at concealing it) and when I left I had learned more than I have in 327 monthly conference calls in the Mistake Factory.

If you are looking for a piece of art (from the 17th century to 17 minutes ago), do check him out:

If you are looking at looking at a piece of art, you will be equally welcome and not made to feel like a second class citizen.

He is in Dun Laoghaire. The place that has everything. A state of the art public library, Ireland’s second Wetherspoons megapub, two delightful piers, a European record density of charity shops per square mile, the newly refurbished People’s Park (where people are allowed to sit), not one but two Starbucks concessions on Marine Road, a handful of still family-owned eateries… and the Mistake Factory.



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