abandon, art, cars, dublin, ireland, motoring

It’s Saab to say…


… you must be on your way.

Farewell, old Saab.

I know, I know, we started off on the wrong foot.
But you ended up delivering just over three years of fine motoring.
Ok, fine-ish motoring. You were no Volvo V70.
We never took you on cross-country drives, we kind of knew that cross-city was about as much as we could expect.
But you did it. For three years. And you always started in the morning, without fail.
Your turbo did not fail on that first fateful week. Just the dumping valve (must some sort of automotive speak for car anus).
You were a bit of a petrol guzzler, but I knew it from the start.
You’ve been good to us, but it is now time to part.

Good luck old lady.


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