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Pomme pomme pomme pomme


Sylvan symphony for well behaved kids.

I’m not even sarcastic.
They’ve been great since 8 AM when they occupied themselves with colourful drawings and improvised fashion shows while their hungover dads were slowly trying to come back to life.

I don’t quite understand. Managing the 5 kids was actually easier than managing my three on their own.
Perhaps that’s it. Five is the magic number.
I should quiz Mrs mememe2U on her feelings about twins.
I reckon it would be the best option. A little bit challenging for the first couple of weeks, perhaps the first 3 months even. And then done.
Happy family of 7.

That will be my topic of conversation when she comes back from Barcelona at 2 AM.


3 thoughts on “Pomme pomme pomme pomme

  1. And Kudos to each of you Fathers for taking on such a challenge AND having the nerve to put yourselves through hangovers… all at the same time! I’d nix the mention of twins… if ya’ wanna make it back up for a time with just the guys. 😉 Unless that’d be another challenge you’d like to dare for yourself! lol

    Curious about the roasting of the apples. We’ve turned tikes loose with the marshmallows. But apples are a first for me. Are they a tradition over there? Looks interesting!

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