Dart TV is launching its Summer 2015 schedule.
It’s going to be bright.
It’s going to be colourful.
It’s going to be wrapped in eiderdown.
It’s going to emulate the grounded pilot look.

It took me a while (between Connolly and Clontarf) to pluck the courage (and the eider) to take today’s Dart TV presenter’s portrait. 
She was ok with me keeping the shot. From the accent I think that she may be Polish. 
I do not have her first name. It’s hard not to make it sound like you are coming on to someone when you ask them for their name, after having taken their photograph at a moment when they least expected it. 
I’ll soon be carrying a little photo book of Dart shots with me. It should make the explanation that little bit easier… 

dublin, Dublin Area Rapid Transport... rapid my arse, ireland, photography, portrait, street photography

Dart TV summer schedule


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