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Search Engine Oh-my-god…


… SNOW!!! Four flakes of it flying horizontally into Dublin Bay… We are all doomed!!!

Padraic has been Search Engine Operator for Iarnrod Eireann for 27 years. 
Every morning, he searches for the electric engines on the Dart trains, whispers reassuring words to them, caresses the control console and switches the power on. 
And then carefully hands them over to a grumpy driver who will push them to their limit (42 mph in the long straight between Clontarf and Killester) until the next tea break and game of cards at the depot (the grumpiness comes from the worrying frequency of the bouts of driving expected of them between tea breaks…) 
Today Padraic loss the run of himself when he saw the four flakes.
He panicked. 

My train was 45 minutes late this morning. 
Due to “operational issues at Connolly Station”. The guy with the nasal voice who has been on tannoy duty since he got his noise broken by the irate-mother-whose-kid-was-lost-on-a-train-to-Laytown is always careful not to hurt Padraic’s feelings.
His phobia of snow flakes (or leaves on the track) is always euphemistically referred to as “operational issues”. 


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