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No pain no bargain


Today we grabbed a bargain.
In my fluffy arse we did…
30 minutes assembly for 2 persons, the poorly printed assembly leaflet said.
In my fluffy arse… 4 hours it took us! (not taking into account the clean up time and telephone calls to divorce lawyers).
And we had to drag in Mimi to help out with the assembly. And she got her thumb crushed between two bits of solid MDF. And there were tears.
And there were multiple warnings threats that if they valued the skin of their arses, they would never ever try to jump on the shaggin bunk bed. If we were ever to manage to put it together that is.
And then Mrs mememe2U and I managed to put the wonky bottom half on the top of the wonky top half, and it sort of started to look like a bunk bed (a cheap one).
But we were nowhere near crossing the finish line. There was still lots and lots of screwing to do. More than in our 20s and 30s put together.

I now have aching knees, aching back, aching ears (from Mrs mememe2U speaking her mind a touch too loudly) and I even managed to get two blisters in the palm of my right hand.

But to see Mimi’s smile as she climbed to the top bunk with Snowy and Cowy…
It made it all worthwhile.
I’d do it all over again tomorrow.





In my fluffy arse I would…


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