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An’ lemme tell you one thing!


Oy kid!
What d’you think you’re doing?!
Playing your 3Tendo Wii Wii? It’s Sunday dinner now. An’ lemme tell you one thing, if there is one thing sacred in this life, it’s family. So you’re going to put that gadget away before I kick your arse.
Talking about Sunday dinner… Mrs Raheny? Mr Raheny?! You’d better get your arse in gear girl, cause the table isn’t set yet.
Look that poor husband of yours slaving away in the kitchen. The effort he’s put in to time everything to be ready at the same time, the spuds, the peas, and the turkey. Jayzus, don’t let him down, stop giving out about the bored of management in that school where the kids go and get the table ready… For crying out loud!
Oy, and you Raheny, what do I hear?! The Granny’s back? Big surprise there… What were you thinking? The Gran in an exhibition? She’s not pin-up material, I could have told you that much.
Well, anyway, I’m not goin’ back in that cardboard box, no fookin way. I like it here.
Your kids are fierce noisy, and quite a disgrace to be honest. But I can blank out the little feckers.
Now, Mrs Raheny on the other hand. I’ve got used to see her hoovering around the place in the nip. It’s not all that often mind you, but I can get used to that.
And Pepe is gas. Some story teller he is. Ok, it’s the same old stories. But it’s like repeats of Indiana Jones on the telly, it get better all the time. Classic stories they are.
Anyways, that cardboard boxe. There no shaggin’ way I’m goin’ back in it.
Been there for almost two years.
An’ lemme tell you one thing.
That smokers’ exhibition?. It was crap.The smokes, I can give them up any day, any day I tell you.
What do you think you’re doing?! I’m not going back! I’m telling ya. Not the cardboard box! Let the Granny have it, that reject. NO!!! I’m not going back in the cardboard b

Paddy… We’ll miss him…



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