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Kwap kwap kwap weather


– Hey Kwacky, why do we keep coming here year after year after year? The weather is kwap!
– Shurrup and prepare for landing Kwackoo
– I mean, I’m tired of it. Always the same kwap. We fly over 5,000 kilometres to get to our winter quarters, and the weather is kwap kwap kwap. Sick of this dump, loike…
– Shurrup Kwackoo. Kilbarrack ain’t that bad. There is kwappier.
– Yeah, roigh, you’re pulling my flipper, you flippin’ liar.
– Not at all. One year I sayz to meself “enough of that kwap” and I kept flying east
– Tell us, Kwacky, was it any better?
– Better? Better my feathery arse! I landed in Scotland. And the weather was kwap kwap kwap, I mean really really really kwap
– Oh kwap…


6 thoughts on “Kwap kwap kwap weather

  1. It’s that time of year. How’s the winter in Ireland this year. In Canada it is very strange. A few days of -10 -20′ C then it warms up and rains or snows a bit. Kwapy is the only way to describe it.

  2. I remember it well – born and bred in Ireland but flew to warmer climes soon as I could. Still miss the friendliness (but not the nosiness) and the craic, but the kwap weather? Nah! People like you who can see the humour in the situation keep the rest of us smiling. Thanks.

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