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Cartoon by Cabu, who was executed yesterday 7 January 2015 by Muslim religious fanatics. 

One God…

… two suspects


Fucking speechless.
Except for the swearing.
The cartoonist who influenced my teenage years has been gunned down.
Shot dead. With a fucking Kalashnikov.
There is nothing more alien than associating Cabu and Kalashnikov in the same sentence.
To have the former killed by the latter is beyond comprehension.

Fucking gutted I am.

It is very very important not to act in the heat of immediate anger, or incomprehension, or incomprehensive anger.

I’m not even angry.
Just gutted.
Fucking gutted and floored.



4 thoughts on “Gutted

  1. Lauzan says:

    We all feel gutted and angry, and not relieved despite the courage of the GIGN and yesterday’s blitzes. I’m Italian but I live very close to Paris since 11 years. It’s scary because I feel like it’s the beginning of a war, but I have a “good” feeling and it comes from the sense of “we are in this together” I perceive from friends all over the world who believe in democracy, fraternity, equality…no matter their religious creed or political view. #jesuischarlie

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