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Ho ho ho… Oh no!!!


The Christmas season, it is well and truly over.
Luca did get over the initial Godzilla disappointment, when the number of inches wasn’t quite what he had in mind.
Or the Sonic disappointment, which at least proved that Santa isn’t a mind reader.
Or the surprise radio controlled helicopter disappointment, which really proved that Santa isn’t even a beginner in the School of Mind Reading.
Or the disappointment of seeing his sister and Dad breaking the said helicopter on the very day (December 30th) when he finally started to develop an interest in it (at least his sister and Dad got six full days to thoroughly enjoy it…)

All of these he overcame like a brave little soldier.

But there was no beating the disorientation and disappointment of being extracted out of his warm bed at 6.45 AM to be sent back to school…


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