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Off she goes


another year packed and dispatched.

The four cousins were enthralled as uncle Martin released the Chinese lantern into the windless night.

We should have read the instructions more carefully though. Especially the section about warning the coastguards before releasing these little beacons of hope and joy.
The guys from the RNLI were not too impressed when they landed on the beach bellow Nana’s. They mellowed out a bit when we offered them a glass of champagne.
They were totally relaxed by the time Martin took out the guitar and Nana opened the bottle of Vieil Armagnac.
It’s a pity that Paddy Murphy picked tonight of all nights to sink in his dinghy while poaching in the oyster beds… I thought that the fireworks looked impressive. But I did not want to spoil everyone’s fun when the crew from the life boat quickly declared that it was more kids messing while opening another can of Guinness.

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year to you too Paddy, I think that the Gardai want to speak to you once you have recovered from hypothermia. Something to do with illegally picked oysters…
For now they are helping us to finish the Armagnac and the petits fours.

PS: I’m kidding.

We did call the coastguards beforehand. We are good responsible citizens. Here was their reply: ‘and what the f*** do you expect us to do about it?! Mike, oh Mike, it’s another one of them f***rs calling to say that they are about to release another f***ng Chinese lantern. What the f**** do I care?!? It must be the 65th of these clowns just today. We are an emergency response unit. Not a f****ng Chinese lanterns advice bureau. F**** off now, you and your lantern! Do you hear me? F**** OFF!’


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