The kids and I went for a walk up Dalkey and KIlliney hills for a bit of exercise.
It seems that 28,000 other people (and their 17,000 dogs) happened to have the same idea, at the same time.
The road to the car park was fun, with its dozens of illegally parked cars on a stretch of road than can only accommodate the width of two cars.
I am always surprised by the great number of walkers terrified at the idea of a bit of walking.

Mimi was practising her teenage behaviour.
She got it totally wrong… She did have her headphones on for the whole walk, but still talked to us rather than just sulk and look at the tip of her wellies. Also, Lloyd Cole’s Antidepressant (singing to the chorus of “with my medication I will be fine”) may not have been the ultimate soundtrack to premature teenage angst (it is however the perfect soundtrack to middle-age angst).

Luca was as usual lost in his own world. He does not need headphones, a twig and enthusiastic mouth-made sound effects do the trick.

It left Finnzy-Bob who asked me to check the type of airliners flying overhead (the nicest one was the BA 777 to San Diego, California) and asked about 327 questions about the Bugatti Veyron.

All in all a great afternoon.

Except when I cut my thumb deeply while trying to fix the dishwasher’s door.
(It’s not repairable. I might however get a bit more mileage out of the thumb).

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Cornetto Hill rush hour


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