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mememe in the Park

On a rare night out with Mrs mememe2U to support the launch of a new the album (the one that took 15 years to make – but it was worth the wait) by her cousin’s band Me in the Park.

Being hopelessly French, we arrived there at 8 PM. Because I am disciplined, punctual and I will never learn…

The first chords were not struck until 9.30 PM.

But it was well worth the wait. Last night was an occasion when supporting the family is just about the contrary of a drag.

These three dudes are very talented musicians. The sound is incredibly tight. Water tight. 5 average musicians wouldn’t be able to hold it together the way these guys manage to fill a room with sound. Full, but not over-saturated.

In a word tight. Tight as a Frenchman at the end of a low-cost holiday.












We left on a high.

With our own coats and bag (still laughing at the over-anxious women who was convinced that we were going to try to nick some of the incredibly precious stuff that had been deposited in the pile of clothes that she was jealously guarding – the Holy Grail perhaps).

And then we made a quick detour on our way out through the end of the Kila concert, who were also releasing an album (that didn’t take quite as long to make), and with an audience that we less concerned with the whereabouts of their rags.




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