That will be #2
This series is turning into a cliff hanger…

My mission: to trap them faster than they reproduce.

And considering the shagfest that seems to be going on behind the skirting board in the sitting room, I am three moves behind….


Today we said goodbye to Pepe’s brother Phelim. A man full of stories, and drama, and music. He loved life dearly and hung on to it for as much as he possibly could. But the evil C is one mighty foe. 

Goodbye Phelim. I will always remember your Mime Marceau stories. 

art, death, dublin, durex lex sed lex, ireland, life lesson, monochrome, patience, photography, tuesdays smell of wet dead pigeons

Another day, another rodent


6 thoughts on “Another day, another rodent

  1. The commentary and comments just slay me. Nice shot, by the way. I have no remorse for the little fellows. They ruined my saddles and tack, and they are breading disease-machines. If you or your family are feeling flu like symptoms, but it’s not the flu… it’s the mice droppings. Serious business. I’d get a heard of cats, & or rat poison.

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