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Old skool punk iz dead, moffoz


The Punk Rebel group is interviewing for new members.
Please note that we are not a Punk Traditionalists society.
Our current vacancies are:
– cellist for our string quartet
– herbal tea sourcing manager
– senior dried flower arrangement analyst
– executive sushi rolls cutter

Punk Rebel group is an equal opportunity employer.

If you wear any of the following:
– Ox blood 18 hole DMs
– Tartan shirt
– Tartan trousers
– Tartan anything
– Safety pins
– White rats on your shoulder

If you consume any of the following:
– Alcohol
– Non-prescription drugs

We will give you an interview (see equal opportunity employer section).
But you won’t get the job. Oh, no. We’ll just go through the motion.

We are Punk Rebel.
We are.


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