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Brace yourselves for a cold winter


… or for a slow painful death.

Every single year. without fail, a couple of total muppets predict the coldest winter of the century.
Every single year, some total muppets give them far too much coverage. More than they deserve.
Lazy journalists love morons.

Statistically, they’ll have to be right sometime (I read somewhere that about one hundredth of winters turn out to be the worst of the century, which is downright scary).
It will be incredibly painful.
The harshest winter of the century and morons proclaiming everywhere that they were right.

Me, I’m an open-minded liberal man.

And I believe in each and everyone’s fundamental right to the freedom of speech.

But I also believe in people being held accountable for the bullshit they utter every autumn, like clockwork.

Armchair experts should be able to make the wildest unfounded long term meteorological predictions and get all the media coverage they want.

But, those who are proven wrong when the spring comes would be rounded up and tied naked in the bogland of west Mayo and fed to the midges.

Fair is fair.


2 thoughts on “Brace yourselves for a cold winter

  1. Ever wonder how economists keep their jobs. They predict that the economic forecast is bright and shiny. Turns out it was downright black. But what happens? They come back next year, predicting that things are going to be great soon. Of course, they are. They can’t get worse.

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