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It’s all in the timing


The last couple of days have, even by Irish standards, seen new levels of meteorological poxitude being reached.

Our car broke down on Wednesday morning.

Which, even by its own standard of ingratitude (I do put petrol in it from time to time!), was rather shaggin’ annoying.

This is a shot by a sodden me on my way to work* bumping into a sodden Mrs mememe2U cycling back from the train station after dropping Luca to school

* I started working from home and waited for a “gap in the weather”. By 11.30 AM I realised that I may not get to the Mistake Factory until May 2015… I packed my stoicism, an extra pair of dry shoes, an extra pair of socks, and an extra pair of trousers and left.

I laughed when I saw Mrs mememe2U.

I find the sight of very wet cyclists highly amusing. Go figure…


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