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Where are the steak holders?


Because these babies, they surely are ready!
Medium rare, a crowd pleaser.

Thanks Uncle Martin for the 2014 venison delivery. Without any doubt the best bambi steak I’ve had to date.
Not a single antibiotics injection, no dodgy animal feed, no rounding up, and distress, and abattoir.
No middlemen. Straight from the bogs of County Mayo to my frying pan.

Tonight we had a brilliant spontaneous family meal. With champagne, and grandchildren, and amazing deer steak, and fine Bordeaux wine, and grandparents, and family stories (dad’s experience of the Edinburgh fringe festival, Finn’s speech at grandparents’ day in his school – and his not mentioning the money, Pepe’s heart attack, Luca’s black bar over baby ultrasound scans – you had to be there), and tears of laughter, and tears full stop, and Mum and Dad.
It felt like a little Christmas. Without the hysteria of the lead up to it.


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