art, central heating equipment, dejection, designer knotted hanky to protect from the rain, dublin, dun laoghaire, monochrome, photography, shite weather, street photography

Fickle trickle


I can hardly believe myself that a mere five days ago I was singing the praise of the return of the rain.

How fickle am I?
At the merest trickle, I have spun 180 degrees on my axis like a weathervane.
In vain.
It’s still pissing rain.


2 thoughts on “Fickle trickle

  1. LOL ROFL LMAO. I laugh because I was wishing it would stop raining here. It’s rained pretty much every week this past summer and I was having a hard time just getting my lawn mowed. But watch what happens. It won’t ever rain again. That’s not true. I live in Florida.

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