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Today he left the house a pedestrian…

… and came back home a cyclist








44 thoughts on “Today he left the house a pedestrian…

  1. This is a fabulous photo story! Funnily enough I saw a man clutching the back of a rather wobbly child on a bicycle in the park yesterday, he caught him just as the bike collapsed underneath him, his legs dangling mid air… I really hope he picked it up in the end.

  2. The photos tell a great story. As a kid there was a picture book called, “The Boy, The Frog and the Dog. It was about a day fishing without using a single word. And this does it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great headline, great pictures, great closing line. Cycling as a child gave me such freedom. In those days it was okay to head out and come back hours later for dinner, having explored the forest and fields, watched massive earth movers build motorways that I now drive on every day, catch newts in the streams, ride home round the lakes and through the ‘bomb craters’ in the woods, taking the odd tumble on the way…. I am 51 now and ride my bike for pleasure several times a week, still exploring nature just as I did then. Loved seeing a little soul start out on the same path of freedom and discovery.

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