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The cruelty of a binary choice


I feel for you today, my Scottish friends.

Whatever the outcome of today’s vote is going to be, please please please, do not become divided. For the next step is to become conquered.

Remember where the real difference can be made.
Not at the national, regional or municipal level.
But at the family level. At the micro-community level. Your family, your friends, your neighbours, your associations.

Do not alienate them.

No one, not even buffoons in Westminster, especially not buffoons in Westminster will influence how you decide to interact with your spouse (spouses – if you are one of the lucky polygamous few), kid (kids – if you are of the “we always thought that little L needed a little brother/sister” persuasion), neighbours (neighbour – if you live in the middle of a midges-infested glen) and friends (not of the Farcebook kind, these are likely to be mere acquaintances).

No one, not even buffons in Holyrood, especially not buffons in Holyrood, will give what you can give to those around you.

Call me a jaded old cynic (or call me a bollix), but I remember only too well my parents’ elation in 1981 when a new political era was supposed to have dawned in France.
New political era my fluffy arse.
It was pretty much business as usual. Different packaging, same shit in the parcel.

Those that we are kind enough to still refer to as our leaders don’t lead shag all.
They are themselves the very transient vessels of much more powerful forces.
So powerful in fact that those forces don’t even know themselves where the fuck they are headed…

It is all so incredibly random, what makes our circumstances. It’s chaos out there, if you haven’t noticed.

Today is a memorable day for all the energy that it has mobilised.

It will not however turn your lives upside down.
Life goes on. And we have no control over a suitably worrying portion of it.
Be in charge of what you can influence. Love your loved ones. Be there for them.

I’d like to finish by quoting a modern Scottish philosopher who became on overnight sensation in Belgium.
Upon reading this article, he pondered the following:

Pubs set to open late and reopen early in the IndyRef. Two million disappointed people drinking heavily, what could possibly go wrong?


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