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Pinot Noir – douleurs et fièvre


When the parabuprospirine cocktail of chemical shite failed to dent the pain in my banjaxed knee (you can’t dent a dent), I had to resort to an old remedy passed on to my great grandfather by a homeopath from Burgundy.

It worked. Especially the Californian analgesic. Wow, the De Loach Extra Strength. Can’t think of many pains that can resist that one.

The cat-sitting for Pinot Noir arrangement has worked wonderfully well.
The cat was fed, watered, entertained, let out in the morning and retrieved in the evening.
The Pinot Noir was sniffed, twirled in the glass, examined, sipped, gargled, swallowed, and satisfied clicks of the tongue were produced.

Barter is smarter!


4 thoughts on “Pinot Noir – douleurs et fièvre

    • God no. Some other fancy wedding-presenty cutlery though. We had the choice between taking it out once a year at Christmas and using it every day and slowly destroying the wooden handles in the dishwasher.

      We had been eating with our fingers until then, so the learning curve was steep…

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