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His last Dart trip as a ten year old.

There was a long list of things that he did today, as a soon-to-no-longer-be 10 year old.

He excitedly brushed his teeth before going to bed. Yes, you guessed, for the last time as a ten year old.

Laughed out loud has he commented on his last wee, as a ten year old.

Let out a quick last little fart, as a ten year old (cue more laughter).

Then he looked at me and asked me if I felt strange in my tummy, before each new birthday, if I felt like a big change was happening.

I was boring and replied that no, that I didn’t feel that tightening of the chest, that excitement, that sense of a momentous event about to take place.

Maybe I should have paused, to take time to recapture the feeling, to remember the sensation. And then replied, eyes bright with excitement, that yes, definitely, I feel the butterflies in my stomach before each new birthday.

Never forget the butterflies Luca.


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