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Ready? Steady… LICK!!!



Lick for fuck sake! Lick with all your might!
Have you got any idea how much trouble Daddy went through to orchestrate this piece of childhood memory?
For days I have been scrutinising the weather forecast like a hawk.
Have you got any idea how much I have been praying for this sunny spell?
The skill and effort involved in buying the ice creams from Teddy’s soon enough to be able to position ourselves in this idyllic seaside spot, in the rays!
But not so early that your cones would be a leaky sticky mess by the time the Sun God deigned showering its mighty rays down on us mere mortals for more than 4 minutes at a time?
Have you got any idea of the logistical effort?
And the planning?
So lick, for fuck sake, LICK!

For ice cream cones in the sun on a summer afternoon are a key component of childhood memories.
And you will not be deprived of that one, oh no, not under my watch.

Lick for fuck sake, I can see a huuuuuge cloud edging its way in.


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