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Sublime comedic timing


I said “let’s go and fly the stunt kite”
They all at once agreed altogether (Unanimously!!! All of them!!!)
We found the stunt kite, without too many accusations in connection with its (vague) whereabouts.
We all got shod.
We all went out.
Mrs mememe2U came back in for rain jackets, just in case.
93 seconds and 265 meters later, the heavens opened.

That’s the type of stunt I wish the kite weren’t able to pull…





5 thoughts on “Sublime comedic timing

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    • Thanks Gnomiehandler, I appreciate the gesture, but I’m afraid I do not qualify for the much coveted Lobster award. (I’d have to kill too many followers to meet the No more than 200 followers criteria). Sorry 🙂
      I’m sure you’ll find a worthy recipient.
      All the best,

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