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Help!!! (please)


Help! Please.
It’s ok, you can put your credit cards away.
I just need 30 seconds of your time.

One of my blog posts has been nominated for the Best Irish Blog Post award (in the testicular pain section).

You could increase my chances of gaining absolutely fuck all from it by voting for it.
What’s in it for you? Same as for me, absolutely fuck all.
Or maybe a week’s supply of organic yoghurt from Glenisk (“keeps you regular as a Swiss cuckoo-clocks repairman”)
But I do not rely on my blog to feed my kids. There is roadkill for that.

Here is the link:

Those of you suffering from lazy-scrolly-wheelie finger syndrome can do a Ctrl + F (Mac users can shag off) shortcut and type “around”.

And you’ll find me: In and Around Dublin (so far it has 2 votes – me, and my wife)

It’s a laugh. SHARE it. Too few opportunity to have a larf these days….


No, really. THANKS!

(if you are of the vote-for-anyone-else-than-this-annoying-bollix persuasion, another nominated blog that I wholeheartedly recommend is At the Clothesline – she is brilliant –



10 thoughts on “Help!!! (please)

  1. Well done on your nomination. I’m not far ahead of you. I’ll be bowing out I think, especially as one of the top ten hasn’t even a blog post featured, but I told my family. who don’t read my blog, that it was an amazing thing to be nominated! 🙂

    • Thanks Tric. I’m actually glad that my family don’t all read my blog 🙂
      And best of luck! (two years in a row, sure, you’re a veteran at this stage)

  2. I know that is exactly how you win-providing the link to everyone you know. It worked for my sister-in-law. She is now Nowhereville’s best photographer. Although she threw an added bit that I(we) could vote 5 times everyday!!

    Anyway, in this case you probably do deserve to be the winner or at least in the top twenty…? good luck!

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