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Farewell Froggy


It was time today for our amphibian pets to move to pastures ponds new.
Getting them from tadpoles, to tadpoles with one set of legs, to tadpoles with two sets of legs was a great, rewarding experience.
But my fruitfly-catching skills are not honed enough to save a whole generation of froglets from starvation.

It was time to relocate them to the pond in Honeypark.

The kids said an emotional farewell to their beloved pets.
I hope that they won’t get too much grief from the local amphibians for having a Mayo accent…

Meanwhile some lowlife nicked Mimi’s pink sunglasses while I had my back turned for literally 45 seconds… Finnzy-Bob demanded that the Gardai be called on the spot. He was gutted when I informed him that pink sunglasses did not feature high on their list of priorities (somewhere between clearing the smelly socks that they left to mature in the gym bag that they dumped in their locker after their last hurling match back in June 2003 before obesity really kicked in and practising what they preach in terms of erratic driving).


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