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! We have a frog !


I didn’t say it loud.
I didn’t even put the verbal exclamations marks on. Not at 6.45 AM, as I entered Luca’s room.
I whispered it once.
And I didn’t need to say it twice. Luca jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs, naked, and rushed to the back garden, naked, and marvelled at the beauty of our first frog, naked.
It is true that so far our record at seeing tadpoles through to maturity has been rather patchy.
Hence his elation at having finally produced a frog.

10 PM update: we still have a frog. If I had not suggested to Luca that perhaps he ought to put on some clothes and maybe go to school, he’d still be there, crouching in the garden, staring at the froglet.
Bollock naked.


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