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Teddy boys



And girls.
Of all ages, from all walks of life.
Teddy’s truly is a Dun Laoghaire institution.

Last year in the Town Hall there was an exhibition of art works produced by the 5 to 11 year old kids from the local schools. The theme was:
Dun Laoghaoire, draw what Dun Laoghaire means to you.

And sure enough a good third of the drawings features Teddy’s ice cream.

Of course Teddy himself no longer pours the liquid gold into the ice cream machine, or squirt the strawberry syrup on top of the freshly extruded 99.

No, Teddy really is the cat who got the cream.

He shares his time between his mas in the south of France and his Moroccan riad in an orange grove. When he is not on his yacht moored in Monaco or on board of his private jet.

I am only barely taking the piss



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