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Foggy notions


At lunchtime (vade retro satana, o the dreaded word) I took my hunger for a walk*.
And built a most unhealthy appetite.

I sat on a bench on the breakwater and sobbed* quietly while nibbling on celery sticks lightly brushed on the surface of a pot of low fat houmous that has lasted me since last Wednesday, surprisingly untouched in the communal fridge at work (someone else’s sushi wasn’t quite as fortunate).

I distractedly observed the sunshine and the haar battling it out for domination over the newly built library.
A building that has inspired many fights already, even before it gets to be officially opened.

* 30 minutes moderate pace 138 calories according to the MyFitnessTorturer app
*15 minutes moderate flow 23 calories



One thought on “Foggy notions

  1. elmediat says:

    Excellent post. The rhythm of the text works very effectively with the selected images – stillness & motion combined.

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